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Shoot An Afghan Veteran MP, Get Your Ass Kicked

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You mess with Military Police you get your ass kicked, as witnessed here in The Patriot Ledger jeremy_bailey.jpg
An Army MP just back from a tour in Afghanistan was shot in a donut shop parking confrontation but then beat his alleged assailant into submission.

Jeremy Bailey, 24, of Weymouth, received stitches at South Shore Hospital to close a gash in his forehead left by the bullet, and was released.


Police arrested Edward Green, 20, of Mattapan and charged him with attempted murder, and Nicole D. Pina, 21, of 11 McCusker Drive, Braintree, who was with him. Callahan said she assaulted several police officers.


"I saw the guy take a pistol out of his pants about 10 feet away. I ducked and charged, and he shot me in the head," Bailey said.

He said he managed to punch the man, who police identified as Green, and knock him to the ground.

Bailey said he was feeling dizzy, and as he kicked the gun out of Green's hand, he saw Pina get into his car, where he had left his keys, and begin driving it away.

"I jumped in the window and slammed it into park," he said. "She was hitting me, and I pulled her out of the car through the window."

Bailey said that was when he saw Green coming at him with the gun again.

"I punched him down to the ground, got on top of him and kept punching and trying to get the gun, and he was yelling, 'stop,'" Bailey said.

He said Pina kicked him on the side of the head three times as he struggled, and that Green hit him on the head with the handle of the handgun.

Man I bet those people freaked out when they shot him in the head and he kept coming and coming! hahah! Go get 'em boy!

Hat tip: Hamiltons Pamphlet and Blackfive

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Posted by Digger on September 30, 2004 12:53 PM (Permalink)

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The only people who would know about this story are those of us who are in the "Boston" area, so to speak. I could not believe this when I heard this - whatever made that guy attack this other guy in the first place? But you have to admit, the MP acted the way he was trained and good for him, too. Can't blame him one bit. But the other two - hopefully they'll get theirs -soon.


Posted by: firstbrokenangel on September 30, 2004 01:36 PM

Yeah, he went into automatic mode and kicked that guys ass. Hehe, sounds like an action movie script.

Posted by: Digger on September 30, 2004 01:48 PM

hahaha im the guy, someone forwarded this site me. It was a few years ago, this storys still going around huh.

Posted by: jeremy bailey on August 25, 2008 10:14 AM

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