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Beslan School Attack, The Full Story

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I have done a number of pieces ( here, here, here and here ) on the Russian school attack. There are numerous other writers covering different angles on the situation below. From the why to the how to the fallout and the photos and videos inside the school, here are some of the latest good finds I've made and that you should read:

Are We Encouraging Chechen Terrorists? from Captains Quarters.
Vladimir Putin, obviously angry from the massacre in Beslan that left hundreds of children dead at the hands of militant Islamists, lashed out at both the European Union and at the US for refusing to take the Chechen insurgents seriously as terrorists rather than freedom fighters.

The Silence Of The Lions As The Lambs Weep from Captains Quarters.
One of the most striking actions of the past few days has been the almost-total silence of the American media on the horrific massacre in Beslan, where over 350 people died, mostly children.

Arab World Reacts to Beslan Massacre from My Pet Jawa.
MEMRI has the full report on the Arab reaction, some of full condemnation and some of it a kind of half-hearted argument that this is bad because it hurts Islam. But here are the hightlights along with my thoughts:

Islamic Savagery: We Must No Longer Tolerate It Nor Tolerate Its Defenders from Ace Of Spades HQ.
No, I'm not saying that Muslims are savages, although clearly some are.

What I'm saying is that while savagery is generally condemned by all of humanity, savagery committed by Muslims is often minimized and excused away.

Get Your Hate On from Brothers Judd
School saga is inflaming old divides between ethnic groups

Thoughts on Beslan from Winds Of Change. (an absolutely excellent piece on the history of the Russia/Chechnya situation)
... I thought it might help to supplement Armed Liberal's earlier remarks on Chechnya and in particular the people who orchestrated the wave of terrorism that has killed upwards of 500 Russian civilians since last week.


First of all, claims that this has to do with the Russian military presence in Chechnya completely misunderstand the situation.

Bloggers React to Besla (roundup) from Right On Red. - A roundup of Beslan news and articles as it happened and the immediate aftermath.

Photos and Videos

By far Rusty of My Pet Jawa has assembled the largest collection and disemination of the photos and video I could find. From descriptions of the photos and what is happening in them to excerpts and links to what others have to say about it, Dr. Rusty Shackleford takes the cake on this item.

I will not host images or video of the incident as Rusty has done fine at the above link.

Other blogging on the photos:
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congrulation, fighter hero chechnya in beslan.
we are muslim indonesia !
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Posted by: chritian idiot on September 25, 2004 08:48 PM

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