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Italian Hostage Killed, Killers To Taste Real Point Of A Knife

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The flaming cowards who kidnapped a peaceful Italian reporter off of the street and then killed him are about to taste some serious hatred. I think the world has about had it with these pansy-ass wimps. Every civilian they kill just throws more governments fiercly after them. If they think they are accomplishing something they are mistaken.

Have you ever seen a pissed off Italian? You kill one of them they aren't going to run away like some Spanish or French cowards, they're gonna break out the knives and go after your ass. Vicious bastards we are.

From News24.com via Ramblings Journal and My Pet Jawa

Doha - An Islamist group has executed Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni in Iraq, Arabic-language satellite news channel Al-Jazeera reported on Thursday.

Baldoni's captors, a group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq, had on Tuesday threatened to kill their hostage unless Italy withdrew its 3,000 troops from Iraq within 48 hours.

The Italian government initially rejected the kidnappers' ultimatum, saying it would maintain its "civil and military" presence in Iraq, but early on Thursday Rome said it was prepared to pull its soldiers out if the interim government in Baghdad requested it.

Baldoni's colleagues at Italian weekly Diario were stunned by the report of his death.

"We were so optimistic. We couldn't believe he wouldn't get out," Baldoni's colleague Gianni Barbacetto, told AFP.

Baldoni, 56, disappeared last week on the road to the holy Shiite city of Najaf, the scene of fierce fighting between US and Iraqi troops and Shiite militia loyal to radical cleric Moqtada Sadr.

A group purporting to be linked to al-Qaeda has also threatened, in several statements posted on the internet since mid-July, to attack Italian targets if the Rome government, a staunch supporter of the US-led invasion of Iraq, does not pull its troops out of the oil-rich country.

via Reuters
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said he was determined to keep up Italy's efforts as part of the international force in Iraq after an Italian hostage was killed in an act he condemned as "barbaric".

"Italy will keep faith with the commitments it has made with the provisional (Iraqi) government in the framework of the United Nations to restore peace and democracy to Iraq," Berlusconi said in a statement read to Reuters by a spokesman.

"There are no words for such an act lacking any humanity and which at a stroke cancels out centuries of civilization and takes us back to the dark ages of barbarity," Berlusconi said.

I'm sure he was also heard under his breath angrily cursing.

All I know is that you fuckers will pay.


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Posted by Digger on August 26, 2004 05:21 PM (Permalink)

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Posted by: RS on August 26, 2004 05:45 PM

Il est inexplicable de voir certains des otages êtres tués (et le mot est très très faible) quant on voit les images des décapitations ... Comment voulez-vous rester flagmatique !
Ces « personnes » sont des barbares, voir des animaux, qu’ils décapitent ( c’est de la boucherie) certains otages pour prouver leur prestance auprès des Américains cela est déjà insuportable, mais là, ils poussent le bouchon trop loin !
J’ai eux, malheureusement, le site des décapitations de certains otages… et cela est inhumain !!!!
Il ne faut pas tomber dans le panneau des extrèmistes en Belgique, mais il est vrai que c’est difficile de pouvoir rester insensible auprès de nos voisins arabes ?!

Ces gens ne sont pas encore civilisés, et si certains le croient (je parles des arabes, au plus, des arabes fous) qu’ils aillent au Maroc, en Algérie ou autre Tunisie (Mais il n’est pas nécessaire de leur dire, puisqu’il le savent !).

Ils se cachent derrière leur religion pour faire le mal et leurs atrocitées.
Busch avait commencé cette guerre, en croyant qu’en optenant la captivitée de Sadam tout allait aller mieux !
Il sait mis le doigt dans l’œil !
Maintenant que faire ?
Le pays est à la cause de n’importe qui !
Il n’y a plus de politique, d’ordre, direction, … où va-t-il ?

Posted by: Vandrome on September 27, 2004 03:14 PM

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