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Eating Worms To Get Your Green Card: Part II

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In a previous entry I wrote about a show called "Gana la Verde" (Win the Green). The shows premise has illegal immigrants play a Fear Factor style game of eating worms, jumping between speeding tractor trailers and fighting off vicious attack dogs in order to win a year of free immigration attorney assistance towards a green card. There is no guarantee of a green card.

Well there is follow up news in this AP article by Laura Wides.

It seems that an immigrant rights group has called for the cancellation of the show. They are threatening legal action for false advertising and unlawful legal advice, as well as a boycott of the shows advertisers.

The groups say [the show] gives a false impression of how the immigration process works and ridicules those seeking legal status in the United States. They said it also makes contestants who are illegal immigrants potential targets for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

"It gives the erroneous message that through tricks one can get a green card, and it puts people in danger of being deported," said Angela Sanbrano, executive director of the Central American Resource Center.

The groups also claimed the show does the "homework" for immigration authorities by providing details about immigrants who may be here illegally.

Lenard Lieberman, co-owner of Liberman Broadcasting, agreed to meet with the group, but said he wasn't going to cancel the show.
"If we gave away breast implants or plastic surgery, no one could care. But try to help Maria go from a nanny to a nurse, and everyone raises an outcry."

Liberman said the contestants are all adults, and that with recent immigration raids, they face the risk of deportation by going to the supermarket.

Yeah right, Mr Liberman, we're not cracking down that hard on illegal immigration or you wouldn't have any contestants for your show. My main question is why are they rounding up illegals here and not just doing the show in Mexico with people who would like help coming here?
"There are already two people who are on their way to getting green cards. There's one person who's four to six months away. We don't have one participant complaint," he said. "If this makes money, it's only going to become more popular."
Ahh, I see where you're going with this Mr. Liberman, you wouldn't make money in Mexico doing it legally, so it's better to exploit downtrodden, law breakers so you can eat out 3 times a week.

It's all so clear.

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