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Boo Hoo for Troy

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Boo Hoo. Troy the only one on The Apprentice without a college degree was fired. He went against a Harvard Grad with an MBA who worked for Goldman Sachs. Now I'm not one to just knock people because they do or don't have a degree, but that seemed to be the only defining factor for why they chose to get rid of him.

Troy had the personality, business sense and sales skills to get the job done, however was taken out. The kicker was Donald Trumps assistant Carolyn making the most insulting and degrading statement I've heard in a long time.

"He should be happy he made it this far" she said in a condescending tone, as if someone without a degree is a sub-human.

I suppose this country was founded by college grads and built totally on skills learned at college. Oh, it wasn't? I didn't know that. Fuck all you people with businesses who don't have a degree also, because you're not quite intelligent enough to do it.

Now I, as you may have guessed, do not have a degree, so I may be coming from a biased approach to her comment. Having started and run businesses at an executive level I will definitely tell you that having a college degree does not make you super-human or even capable of running a business.

I have seen both people with and without degrees and all of them have required an actual knowledge, personality and drive to do the job. In my honest and humble (yeah right) opinion that is more important in the long run than having spent $100k in school for 4 years.

Just remember while that person was in school reading theory in a book and sitting through boring lectures while thinking of the latest party, us non-degree people were out there actually doing the job.

So on behalf of all of us non-degreed, hard working, self learning and struggling individuals I say a big "FUCK YOU!" to the condescending Carolyn of The Apprentice.

Disclaimer: This entry and website is run by my personal Harvard Graduate with a business degree. I send him the copy and he knows all the coding and formatting and how to get it all online. Us stupid non-degreed people just don't knows no better and ain't figured out the computer gizmos yet.

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