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Republicans Show Their True Colors

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Tea Party Oceanside
A few weeks ago I wrote about my outrage opposing the GOP and Republican elite. The final straw for my decision on these political self-serving hacks was their support of John McCain to remain as a US Senator. Their backing proves that the Republican establishment has learned nothing from the demands of the American people.

Just as with the Obama Administration ignoring the millions who spoke out, stood up and opposed their socialist health care takeover, the Republicans have ignored what the people have demanded. Their support of "Amnesty" McCain and his support of illegal immigration is just further proof that they still don't get it. Their lack of any real spine to put together meaningful bills to end the illegal immigration crisis, staking their futures on it, is also a telling sign that they don't actually have a belief or a stance that they will stick to.

I am not alone however - and neither are you if you are one of those who has actually woken up and taken a look around.

Rhonda Deniston, often hosting the Rick Amato show in his absence, wrote a recent article that delves into how the elitists in the Republican Party (note there is a difference between Conservative and GOP) are outraged at conservatives for voting for Christine O’Donnell instead of a nine term senator they can control like Mike Castle in Delaware. Karl Rove slobbered all over himself recently; spewing garbage at those voters who are sick of the continued "options" they are being allowed to have by the Republican establishment.

Rhonda is holding a Pre-Election Tea Party on 10-10-10 at the Oceanside Pier Amphitheater in Oceanside, CA and has been gracious enough to allow me to post her article in full below. If you are in the area you would benefit yourself by attending.



I am a registered Republican. I have always voted party line, but since the conception of the Tea Party I have voted for principles over parties.

So, this is what has happened. Barack Hussein Obama won the Presidency and quickly demonstrated that he was nothing more than another broken promise. In a way, President Obama has been a blessing to all of America. His ineptitude and complete lack of leadership has forced American people of all walks of life (and all political affiliation) to get motivated and get involved. Unfortunately for the Republican ESTABLISHMENT they became accustomed to Republican voters following along as good little sheeple.

The Republican establishment clearly was not prepared for an electorate who obtained an education in civics, history, and our nation’s founding principles. They were even less prepared for when we took to the streets to demonstrate our values at numerous public events. In many cases they have tried to take credit for these events.

Karl Rove whined on Fox news and decried the victory of Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell over nine term Senator Mike Castle. Mr. Rove’s sincere lunacy is a pristine example of the Republican establishment longing for control. After all, shouldn’t the establishment control who will be the new members of their elite club?

Perhaps following Mr. Rove’s lead, prominent Republican strategist Mike Murphy referred to Christine O’Donnell’s win as Harry Reid’s dream. In this single statement, the Republicans have shown their true colors. Heaven forbid that the VOTERS have a say in the matter. The establishment had no problem with Republican party members so long as they followed the party line like lemmings going over a cliff. Poor Mr. Rove and Murphy never anticipated that the voters might develop a mind of their own.

I don’t know anything about Christine O’Donnell, but I do know she couldn’t do any more damage than what we have on the hill now and that includes both sides of the aisle. I also know that in a state that expected 30,000 Republican primary voters, over 50,000 showed up to the polls. Does she get any credit for this?

It’s time for conservative politicians to walk the walk or walk the plank. We were promised change, we didn’t get it, and now we have taken matters into our own hands. Every election we get the best government MONEY can buy and frankly the Tea Party victories over the last few months should be a signal to all politicians that it is their JOB to represent THE PEOPLE.

We look forward to the restoration of sanity to our country by promoting sound fiscal policy, encouraging free market enterprise and following the limited government principles set forth by the United States Constitution.

We have to keep the momentum going and hold these people accountable. If they make a promise, they better keep it or they are OUT!

God Bless American folks! I see real hope on the horizon and I hope you will join us for our Pre-Election Tea Party on 10-10-10 at the Oceanside Pier Amphitheater. For more information see www.StopTaxingUs.com

Rhonda Deniston is the Oceanside Regional Director of Stop Taxing Us. Rhonda is a business owner and community leader. She is a recurring guest on San Diego Channel 9, KUSI and she is a frequent substitute host on the Rick Amato Show 1170 AM KCBQ.

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Mike Castle was a U.S. Representative, not a Senator.

Posted by: Tom on September 21, 2010 04:52 PM

THANK YOU for posting this! I think your blog is great!!

Common Cents

Posted by: Steve on September 21, 2010 11:39 PM

Pathetic to say the least. A bunch of whining losers who simply can not get over how great this president is. Bush 1 & 2 along with Reagan were the absolute worst presidents American has ever had. We are in this downward spiral not because of the current president but because of the last administration of Rethuglicans (Bush, Rove, Cheyney and the Homeland Security, Tom Ridge). Lieing about the WMD, the 2 wars, economy, jobs, 911, stealing, printing money, the sub-prime loan dibaucle and most of all a president whose IQ was below 100 and unqualified to walk a dog let alone run a nation. He never went to work until August, played golf and NEVER made an intelligent decision, mispronounced words, limited lexicon, just an embarassment to the nation. Republicans like war and continue to instill fear in Americans. I fear nothing but the Rethuglicans whose plan is to DESTROY America. All of what we are experiencing now were the deliberate and willful actions of an incompetent team of self serving politicians who voted lock step with the most incompetent president in American history. It will take us years to emerge from this deep "ditch". President Obama is a God send. In addition, the Tea Party is only 1/2 of 1% of the population. Like you, the media would have American believe they are a much larger group. Tea Baggers and Republicans alike are nothing but empty headed self serving elderly, uneducated, white, hypocritical,bigots and racists that fear their future. Who at 62+ in their right frame of mind would vote against their own best interest unless they were paid which is even more ignorant? Social Security and Medicare is all that the majority of these Tea Baggers have...poor ignorant followers. Dick Arme was unemployed for 15 months, collected Unemployment Benefits, and stood as their hypocritical leader. Truth be told...It isn't about the social programs. Not at all. They and all like them "FEARFUL and should be because it will NEVER, EVER be business as usual. What this country is witnessing is the almighty hand of God and no one can compete with that...NO ONE. This is not 1780,1865,1918, or even 1960. I am a White male, love this president and approve of everything he has done thus far. Change is painful for the establishment. Get over it!!! America's landscape and demographics have changed forever. I will support this president to the end, work hard to help him again and again and do whatever it takes to prepare the way for my 3 beautiful and intelligent bi-racial children. This is America, the land that my wife and I love!!!!

Posted by: rasil on October 16, 2010 07:49 AM


Posted by: rasil on October 16, 2010 07:53 AM

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